Monday, August 22, 2016


I subscribe to this channel, Stuff & Things "your good friend Bradley" on YouTube. I don't watch all his videos because he does tobacco reviews, video games, and fire arms; none of which I'm into. I got sucked in because of his Midori Traveler's Notebook review: A Man's Perspective video. But he also does fountain pen reviews and I enjoy his "Sunday Smoke" series where he just chats. I just came across a Sunday Smoke I hadn't seen and this was just a great demonstration of that old radio/movie voice. He also reads a critical comment from a viewer in a different voice and it's pretty funny. EnJOY . . . .  :-)

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Grace's Bible-dori

I have been waiting to post this because I didn't want to spoil it for Grace, my YouTube friend in Oz. We had a back 'n' forth on my Tea Time Traveler's Notebook video about my Bible-dori. I had gotten 4 purple pocket bibles (USED--I draw the line at defiling a new bible!) but this one had this on it:

So it was meant to be!  Here are some photos:

Charm on side:

I made a pocket on the inside cover with coordinating scrapbook paper: 
A card for Grace tucked in the pocket. On the right I made a pocket
folder, which I think I laminated so it could be used as a dashboard. 
Inside of folder:

A little envelope with a coupla packets of tea, because who doesn't like a cuppa?

I included some little notebooks that I'd gotten from Office Max, & put some quotes on them:
That's my favourite gratitude quote. I'm also reminded of Tony Robbins saying that you can't feel angry or afraid when you're feeling grateful. Kind of like how Bruce Lipton says that you can't be in a state of love or fear at the same time, either. 

Another quote & a coordinating purple pen. :-) 
Other side of pocket: 

With some goodies:
4-Leaf clovers because who doesn't need some luck?
I also made some quote cards for her:
Look! There's John Morgan. :-) Mum used to say, The world
would be a better place if everyone would just read John's blog!"
 The last insert, with the butterfly, is a 2-year calendar. A bit too long for the Bible-dori & the paper quality is not great. I won't be getting those again, but good to have as a reference. For Americans, tho. Not as handy for the international crowd!

And here's the back:
I didn't put a pocket on the back since I did the folder. Also,
from now on I'm going to do the enclosure elastics in the spine.
Here it is without the inserts:
The maps on the inside cover were actually part of the Bible and I glued them on as the background.
Here's all the stuff I put in there:

I was so excited to see Grace's video this morning to see how she's using it!

AWESOME!  And doesn't she have the CUTEST dog?!  :-)

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Why "Free to Good Home" is NOT a Good Idea!

I read Victoria Barnes's blog for home improvement ideas and laughs. She's a great writer and very funny. Unfortunately, her beloved cat Elvis died, which prompted her to go check out adoption. In her post, A Box of (foster) kittens, she shows cute kittens and, in addition to encouraging adoption, at the end, included information on why it's a bad idea to give away free animals. I had permission to repost, but really, go see her entire blogpost about these kitties. SO SWEET!  And she just really nails the whole "Free to Good Home" thing.

I sent what Victoria wrote to my friend Mari, who replied with some more great information. So I thought I'd put that here, in addition to Victoria's blogpost. 

 How a rehoming fee protects your pet:

Please don't compromise on your rehoming fee since 'free to good home' ads are strongly discouraged by the Richmond Times Dispatch, Craigslist, and all animal rescue groups. The reason is that they encourage people who:

1. get a dog on a whim. It is a serious responsibility that spans 10-15 years or more. Charging at least $60 makes people stop and think. Small purebreds should be at least $150 if they under age 7. Otherwise, they are subject to resale for more money- no matter what the adopter tells you about giving them a forever home.

2. get a dog even though they cannot afford vet care, etc. Dogs are not cheap. If a family cannot write a check for $60 for a new pet, they have no business getting a dog. What will happen when he gets an ear infection, etc?

3.get free dogs and use them for pitbull bait.

4. get free dogs and , when they get a bunch, sell them for research. They are called bunchers.

5. are puppy mills  and get unspayed purebreds to live as breeders neglected in a cage for the rest of their lives.

6. are people like Lynne W. in Varina and Frederick Cooper in Richmond get free dogs and then sell them to all comers. Lynne sells them at Richmond area flea markets for about $50. Wright sells them out of his residence near Woodman Rd. (He may have moved.) He likes small dogs- mixed or purebred. I just got an email from a Craigslist poster that he is now using an alias  ( Jason) & has moved off Brook Rd. See why a home visit is important? An adopter said he had a bunch of dogs at his house waiting to be sold.
 She calls herself Over the Rainbow Rescue.  That is not what reputable rescues do.
7. are hoarders  who think they are helping dogs but cannot care for them since they have too many. They sound great when they talk to you since they truly love animals -but a home visit will reveal the deplorable conditions of the dogs and cats in their animal collections.

It's easy to keep all of the above from your door- charge a fee.
The following links are to articles that are extremely disturbing. But they highlight the risks of placing your animals into homes that you have not checked out. We all know times are tough, but please, at least do a home inspection and make a phone call to the vet before adopting your animals to just anyone. The previous owners of these dogs would probably be just devastated to know how they ended up.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Eggs & Soldiers

I've been sorting through years of photos. Years! And came across these from the River House days when Mum used to pop over for a vizzie. Here we are with eggs and soldiers; soft boiled eggs and toast cut into strips for dipping.

Here's Mum:
One of those ordinary days. There's her favourite tea cup, too. Happy times. :-)

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Hello Kitty

A friend saw my Bible-dori and asked if I could make a traveler's notebook for her niece for her birthday. She said the niece liked Hello Kitty, pink and apple green. So here it is:

I painted Kraft-Tex & that's a Hello Kitty sticker.
 Inside is painted apple green & I made a pink folder with washi tape to hold stickers:

I got the notebook inserts from Target:

All wrapped:

Then I told another friend about the Hello Kitty notebook and she said, "I love Hello Kitty!"  Who knew there was this Hello Kitty world out there? Well, everyone but me, apparently. So I did the same thing as the first, but also got these cute charms:


Inside, I made another pocket insert and included stickers and coordinating pink paper clip tabs:

 Matching pink pen, too!

I'll be doing some more of these for my Etsy store; I have plenty of more stickers and charms!  :-)